allcop makes itself strong for the photo retail business

A reliable and strong partner for the photo retailers

Founded in 1959, allcop has always proven itself as a reliable partner for the photo retailers over the years. While major market players are changing their focus and placing greater emphasis on online business, allcop continues to see itself as a strong partner to the retailers and local providers in the field of photography and personalization. In addition, the company offers retailers appropriate tools and capabilities in context of digital ordering options alongside photo production.

While market conditions are changing significantly, allcop is purposefully establishing new partnerships with specialty retailers from all over Germany. Only in 2021, around 50 new stores were connected. The traditional store Fotohaus Zacharias from Regensburg also relies on allcop as a partner lab.

Berthold Zacharias: "The company allcop was already known to us from earlier times. A change to a reliable laboratory was therefore obvious. The quality of the images and the excellent customer service of allcop needs to be pointed out here."

Through the established specialized trade concept of the company allcop, the retailers are offered an all-round carefree package, which is always oriented to current market conditions and is supported by suitable campaigns. In addition to the still important option of developing analog films, partners can draw from a wide range of digital ordering options.

The online shop offers straightforward design processes for all the photo products on offer. Complemented by the ordering software, a variety of creative elements are available to make each masterpiece unique. Selected photo books can also be designed on the move using the i-Port app. Thanks to the on-site lab connection of the terminals, it is possible to access the complete range of products in addition to instant prints.

With these services, allcop has been a reliable and efficient fulfillment partner for its customers for many years.

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