Start of apprenticeship at allcop

Four new trainees started their training at the beginning of September.

Hannah and Yannic are starting an apprenticeship as media technologists. 

The apprenticeship as a media technologist involves setting up printing presses. They prepare print data, control and monitor the printing process for the production of advertising printed products, newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues and other print products. In this way, Hannah and Yannic help us to continue to maintain our high quality standards for our customers.

Merlin starts an apprenticeship as an office management assistant.

The new apprenticeship as an office management assistant combines the previous occupational profiles of office management assistant, commercial assistant and office communication assistant. With these tools of the trade, Merlin can support us perfectly in our administration.

Maxim is starting an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development.

IT specialists specialising in application development develop and programme software for their own company or for customer companies. For example, they expand in-house programmes or develop new solutions that are tailored to their own company's needs or to customer requirements.

We are pleased about the new additions to the team and wish the trainees a good start and much joy and success in their careers.


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