News-Article launches new AI art collection

The leading art portal in the field of street and pop art launches its new art collection "AI Art".

The art generated from artificial intelligence shows the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence already offers today. With the generation of creative elements, new and spectacular artworks and motifs can be created.

In addition to self-generated artworks and motifs under the smug name "Affengeile Intelligenz", the portal also includes the works of well-known AI artists such as Nilo or LofiAI.Art. With other artists, the portal is in talks to offer the appropriate space for this novel art form in addition to the established art genres on the portal such as street art, pop art, surrealism and Co.

"We are proud to be one of the first providers in the market to have recognized the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the art sector and to be able to make them accessible to our customers," says Andreas Schätzle, CEO of Affengeile Bilder GmbH.

Since the takeover of the portal at the beginning of last year into the group of allcop Farbbild-Service GmbH & Co. KG, the art platform has undergone further development in many areas. A redesign of the store has taken place, new product groups have been added, the artists are now presented in their own artist profiles, and numerous filters and search options for the ideal search of the desired motif have been activated. The customers thank these optimizations to the portal operator, which with its already high product and service quality, so with a 4.7/5 star rating in the top rankings of the customer review portal Trustpilot is shown.

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