allcop invests in the latest end-customer dispatch logistics for letters and parcels

Due to the increasing number of orders in the e-commerce sector and the related shipping to end customers, allcop has now also professionalized its B2C shipping logistics at the end of last year. The previously manual work in the area of assembly has since been supported by the new effective and ergonomically designed system. Thanks to the latest and most modern technology, sources of error can be eliminated, lead times can be shortened and quality can be improved. In addition, the system provides better process reliability, which optimizes evaluations via the "Shipping Process System". The system takes into account all relevant shipping information, such as weight and volume, and uses this to place the appropriate label on the package and sort it to the relevant shipping service provider.

As a result of the switch, orders in the 5-digit range can be processed in one working day in future. With the assistance of state-of-the-art 3D measurement, letters and parcels are aligned with various products in a volume-optimized way, ensuring economical consumption of materials.

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