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allcop launches new product line

The Allgäu-based family business allcop, which specializes in print-on-demand solutions and the individualization of photo products, announces the launch of a new product line: Personalizable and customizable friend books for children.

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allcop creates a product with its finger on the pulse of the times and makes friends' books unique and unmistakable. The 20x20 cm digitally printed book is produced on sustainable paper and thus follows allcop's last product launch - the Natur Pur photo book. Both the cover paper and the inside pages of the book of friends are made from 100% Blue Angel-certified recycled paper. The cover surface is velvety matt and is protected by the lamination so that this book can pass through many hands. The inside pages can be written on and colored with various pens. Thanks to the sturdy hardcover binding, the memories are well protected and also look attractive.

With your own name and photo on the cover, the book cannot be confused. Personalizing the friend book with individual information, such as favourite colors, hobbies or funny anecdotes, creates unique memories. Children can look back on these personal details later and remember special moments with their friends.

Each child can choose one of the many beautiful designs for their friend book. Children can immerse themselves in the world of forest animals and fairies, football stars and astronauts. Many adults still have friend books from their school days on their shelves and enjoy leafing through them again and again. With the friends book from allcop, wonderful memories from childhood are captured for eternity.

allcop is pleased to have already connected some of your existing partners and invites you to discover more of your own designs in addition to the designs provided by allcop in the allcop applications, e.g. in the "Visual Statements" store. The friends book is guaranteed to become a real treasure for children and friends!

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