Groundbreaking ceremony for new allcop warehouse in the Hauser Wiesen industrial estate

For decades, allcop has been growing in the heart of Lindenberg. The company urgently needs space for logistics and storage.

allcop expands and a new logistics centre is built in the Hauser Wiesen industrial estate. allcop has been growing in the heart of Lindenberg for decades. However, the location in the town centre has advantages and disadvantages.

The company urgently needs space for its logistics and warehouse. allcop already has a warehouse in Heinrich-Brauns-Straße. This warehouse is more than 100 per cent full," says Thomas Wiest, managing partner. However, about 85 per cent would be ideal for handling the material. The company has already rented additional space in Seltmanns.
During the peak season in November and December, the company produces more than one million photo prints and posters a day in Lindenberg. In addition, there are several 10,000 photo books.

The new building has already been under consideration within the company for four years, Wiest describes. Corona, however, has put the planning on hold. In October of next year, the building should be completed, says Bernd Vochezer, managing director of Innoplan, an office in Opfenbach.
The building, with a planned size of 76 by 36 metres, is intended to put an end to the shortage of space at allcop. Two roofed loading ramps will then be available for loading and unloading. This way, the company will be prepared for any weather. The plan is to use the building as a warehouse, but the company management is already thinking beyond that. There are further considerations to expand the new location in Hauser Wiesen into a logistics centre, explains Monika Sommerfeld, also managing partner. In that case, a shipping facility would also be relocated to the industrial estate. In that case, a factory transport would probably bring raw goods such as photographic paper from Hauser Wiesen to the headquarters in Kreuzhofstraße and return finished products. "It is another option and is being discussed internally," says Thomas Wiest, but it has not yet been decided.  The city and the company expect the new warehouse to relieve the area around the headquarters in Kreuzhofstraße. Several trucks sometimes arrive there at the same time during the season. "It is a good solution for us," said Dr Werner Hofstetter, the city's second mayor, at the groundbreaking ceremony. Also because the company is strengthening the location in Lindenberg with its investment.

With allcop, an industry is moving to Hauser Wiesen that is not yet represented there. "We try to find a solution when companies need space," says Uli Pfanner, mayor of Scheidegg and chairman of the Hauser Wiesen special-purpose association, explaining the association's approach.



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